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"...My general view of the course was one of a spirited group, many highly motivated by their tutors, and in this I must mention the contribution Nick Buchanan has made in very difficult and trying times. I doubt whether such results could have been achieved over the past without him." 
External Examiners Report (1985/6)

"...Mr Buchanan contributed greatly to this sector as a one day (six hour) replacement for Mr. Baum." 
Head of Departments' Report (1986/7)

"...and have retained Mr N.Buchanan whose contribution was invaluable." 
Board of Studies Meeting (1986/7)

"...I have constantly admired his honest and enthusiastic commitment to his work...a most caring and compassionate teacher...I have the highest regard for him professionally and as a person. He always contributes more than he is asked for, and has proved extremely reliable, honest and trustworthy in his dealings, not only with myself, but with other members of the Department"
Head of Departments Reference (1987)

"...the Chaiman wished a vote of thanks to be minuted to Mr Nick Buchanan for his help, which had been way and beyond his paid attendance." 
Board of Studies Meeting (1987/8)

"...He also expressed his gratitude to Mr Buchanan for his most valuable contribution to the course and for all the additional input he has given." 
Board of Studies Meeting (1987/8)

"...Mr Buchanan's abilities are held in high regard, certainly at this institution...He has shown himself to be a firm and enthusiastic teacher within the areas of two-dimensional Design (Drawing, Visualising, Graphic Design and Illustration), with the capability of both instigating work programmes independently and working in unison as a member of a team. He is able to accept and adopt responsibility for his duties covering all teaching aspects of the course from initial Diagnostic Studies to Specialist, Directional teaching and counselling. He presents a hard working, professional attitude with good timekeeping and attendance. ...A distinct feature of his teaching has been his high expectations of the students with whom he deals. By his energy and sincerity he is fully capable of realising these expectations, gaining the enthusiasm and respect of the students in the process." 
Course Leader, Liverpool Foundation (1990)

"...Whilst being in the post since only September he has had a dramatic effect on the Course (to the good) and has been responsible for the production of this submission." 
Deputy Head's Application for Revalidation (1991/2)

"...These First Diploma Students could apply for any National Diploma Course in Britain, and with this high level of work, they would get in." 
Moderators' Response to end of Year Exhibition (1991/2)

"...An excellent student display of work...well documented projects and assignments...excellently presented...the students had produced a display of work which was a credit to themselves and the college...Congratulations to the course team, you have set high standards." Course Moderators Report (1991/2)

"...Students on this First Diploma Course could easily be on a GAD Course, the work is that good." 
HMI's Report (1992/3)

"...I would like to take this opportunity to thank you officially for all that you have donefor the School of Art & Design and more specifically the young people of Gwynedd. We will be very sorry to lose you and will, I feel sure, find you very difficult to replace...I will always look upon you with respect as a designer and educationalist. Many thanks for all you've done, words don't say enough!" 
Head of Art & Design - Coleg Menai (1993)

"...Students often attained a higher standard than was indicated by the requirements of the course. In particular, the standard of drawing in graphics was excellent." 
FEFC Inspection Report (1995)

"Excellent Lecturer presentation along with good planning and preparation created an ideal learning situation." (AWARDED A GRADE ONE) 
Dual Observation of Teaching and Learning: Clive Lacey / Dave Dawber (1999)

"Nick is an excellent and inspirational teacher and is very popular with students and colleagues alike. He has made an outstanding contribution to the Professional Development Centre and has contributed to the College's leadership and performance development programme for senior and middle managers. Nick's sessions were amongst the most successful of the programme and dealt with the challenging topics of communications and improving teaching performance in a highly entertaining yet meaningful manner. Nick has a tremendous appetite for self development, and is loyal, hardworking, honest, trustworthy, professional and has a great talent. Furthermore Nick has a marvellous sense of humour and is very good company. I can recommend him to you unreservedly." 
Principal of Warrington Collegiate Institute, Hilary Tucker (2003)


"...Everyone was of the same opinion: what a marvellous teacher. Nick's talks were so amusing and informative that even those who weren't there to paint enjoyed listening to him. He has the natural talent to make everyone feel at ease and enjoy themselves...His patience and humour were second to none...Can we have him again please?" 
Carol Grant, "The Gazette" (John Lewis Partnership 1991)

"...I am delighted to know that you would be able to lead the Course as last time...I know we will attract many Partners to come and study with you after the great success of last time." 
S.Masterman (Partnership Social Secretary 1992)

"It was an excellent, stimulating and amusing weekend which I know was enjoyed by all those present." 
"The Gazette" (John Lewis Partnership 1992)

"...Nick Buchanan was full of encouragement and in a very relaxed and helpful manner he shared his artistic views and gave us a whole new meaning to the word ART." 
Yvonne Keilloh, "The Chronicle" (John Lewis Partnership 1993)

"Very many thanks for running another highly successful Art Weekend...your approach was enlightening and challenging and your sense of humour kept the balance just about right!" 
S.Masterman (Partnership Social Secretary 1993)

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