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This training is designed to support those who come into direct contact with customers. It is devised to be pragmatic, stimulation and useful.

An unhappy customer can easily take ten others away from your business, whereas a happy customer will tirelessly support you with that elusive treasure ‘word of mouth’ recommendation.

The lifeblood of any large organization is the quality of its communication, and the condition of its relationships. Transactional Analysis is an elegant tool for significantly improving both!

Communication theories can be complex and convoluted - e.g. "Who-says what-to whom-in what way-along what channel-and to what effect?" By contrast, Transactional Analysis provides a more streamlined model suggesting that with each communication (transaction) we are operating from a state of either being like a Parent, an Adult, or a Child.

The Coaching relationship is at the heart of all good Teaching and Learning, but it is only effective if the Coach has the necessary tools and skills.

This Training offers those tools and skills.

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