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What are your most popular Training titles?

This varies enormously according to organizational need and Ofsted directives, but currently our most popular Training titles are:

Why do you prefer to work with 25 or less delegates?

In my experience, the dynamic of the group is affected adversely if it is too large. It inhibits feedback, and prevents an intimate and fun climate - which I believe is necessary for genuine positive change. Large groups make for 'conferences' rather than Trainings.

The transformational aspect of trainings is far more beneficial than the relatively impersonal setting of the conference. A positive effect is less likely when huge numbers prevent proper group-work and manageable feedback.

Can you compress the day's training into just the morning and repeat it in the afternoon, that way I will get better value for money?

In my opinion the full day gives the delegates a chance to fully explore the materials for themselves. If they are hot-housed instead, it is like pulling the grass up instead of nurturing its growth. Delegates need time to process and absorb the unfolding material. For these reasons, I think a full day is much better value than two half days.


What if my staff can only give up half a day?

Then of course I am willing to offer a shorter version of the full training - one to suit the half day time slot.

Another popular option when staff can only give up half a day  is for me to break the training down into two parts. Companies offer it to their staff on two separate days - and each member of staff need only attend a morning OR an afternoon session on day one (=part 1) AND a morning OR an afternoon session on Day two (=part 2). That way each member of staff will have completed the full days' course and got the maximum benefit.

If I have a specific Training need would you be willing to tailor a Training to suit my particular needs?

Yes, of course. As well as the extensive range of Training Titles, I also offer bespoke Trainings. Whatever your training needs, I would love to talk with you to ensure that I hit the mark for you and address the issues precisely.


Are there distances you will not travel?

No. Distance is never a problem.


What if I ask for a training that is not on a subject you know about?

If you request a training that is outside of my broad range of expertise, then Iwould simply decline the contract. Client satisfaction is more important to me than a quick buck. If I can suggest other Trainers who operate within that particular area of expertise, then I will. The universe is abundant, and helping one another is important.


On your booking page you mention the booking fee of £900 plus "expenses" - can you be clear what exactly you mean by "expenses"?

Certainly. I simply mean the cost of my getting to your organization/ venue, which will either be the price of public transport or petrol. Plus the cost of an overnight stay (B&B). Nothing more, nothing less. See Booking.


Can I always have the dates I want?

The fairest way we can operate is on a first come, first served, basis. Book early, and you can nearly always get exactly what you want. I try to be as flexible as I possibly can.


What are your Qualifications?

I have over 25 years teaching experience at a wide variety of levels, and have run Staff Trainings for as long as I can remember. See References.
I have worked as an Advanced Teaching Practitioner, and been a member of a steering group to effect change through values.
I have a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design, and am a fully qualified Master Practitioner in NLP (INLPTA). 
I have a Certificate in Education (Cert.ED), and have taught on Cert.ED courses.
I have a Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.
I also have completed certificated training in Assertiveness, Transactional Analysis, The Enneagram & Personality Types, The Sedona Method etc.
I continue to learn, grow and develop.


What do you hope to achieve with positive effect?

My biggest motivation is to make a difference.
I believe that Training is a noble profession where we can dramatically and positively affect the lives of those we work withIt is a privilege and an honour. I want to deliver trainings that inspire, motivate, and re-commission; trainings that remind staff why they first came into their profession - to re-ignite their enthusiasm if you will. Of course, I want to make a living also - but I am always after the long term, meaningful relationship rather than the fast buck; that is why the booking prices have remained the same since 2008.


Can I read some Evaluations and Testimonials?

Of course, that's what I would want to see, if I were you. Click here to see some Evaluations


I like what I have seen. How can I book Positive Effect Training(s)?

Easy - simply...

Telephone: 0792 635 2491

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You can also book through our online Contact Form

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