One-To-One Training

There are many occasions where helping ONE member of staff can make a huge difference to a department - to a whole organization, even! 

Increasingly, many organizations are using me to work with individuals on a one to one basis. Such highly focussed coaching often produces positive changes and new insights which lead to:- 

  • higher productivity
  • less stress 
  • more personal skills and resources
  • greater problem solving skills
  • more confidence
  • increased assertiveness 
  • solutions to entrenched problems

I usually work with individuals in either 2hr or 3hr sessions. 

The work can take different forms (according to need). For example, it could be

Coaching - to help a new manager embrace the role and become more active

Counselling - to help a member of staff to deal with a previous (or ongoing) 'trauma' or difficulty

Training - Individually focussed guidance in a specific area (e.g. Emotional Intelligence, Confidence, Assertiveness, etc.)

One to one Training is a great way to re-energize staff who 

  • have become inactive through difficulty or disillussionment
  • are under-performing due to a lack of personal resources
  • find their role difficult and need someone to offer them direct, focussed assistance

As with all of our provision, confidentiality is crucial. We would discuss with you ways in which we could work to re-commission, resource or specifically support any member of staff.

The tone of such one to one work is never 'remedial' and it works best when the client sees it as supportive and in service to the individual. Positive change is more likely then.

It is amazing how much difference One revitalized staff member can make to a department - to an organization, even.

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