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When organizations seek 'Team-building' workshops, what they often need is

'Trust-building.' What they usually get are silly embarrassing tasks which disenfranchise and annoy (games which wrong-foot them, awkward role-play and puzzles which only make the staff feel stupid).

So many organizations have mission statements in prospectuses and on web sites, but very few have missions that live in the hearts and minds of the people who work there. This training puts the emphasis on values and climate because that is where the leverage is. Instead of focusing on 'what needs to be done?' - or even the more enlightened 'how can we do it?' Staff should be encouraged to own 'why are we doing it?'

A great training for raising the overall health of teams - and the organization as a whole! Only when each part of the body functions well does the body as a whole experience optimum wellness.

This very reasonably priced training is delivered by a fully qualified NLP Master Practitioner (INLPTA), with over 25 years teaching experience. It covers the main Principles of NLP and shows how these can be used to great effect by those who apply them.

The aim of the training is to give delegates a greater awareness of themselves and others, and new sets of skills and understandings. It is intended that these new tools will be of huge practical import within business, both to the individual and the organization as a whole.

Managers often cite Staff Appraisal as one of their most disliked tasks. However with a few tweaks and a fresh approach, Appraisals could become tremendous opportunities for better relationships, renewed vision and understanding.

Your business was once just an idea. Every improvement to your business will also begin as an idea. How many new ideas are you currently harnessing?

Some folks chop wood harder instead of taking the time to sharpen the axe. This training is for those who know the value of working ON the business as well as IN the business.

This Training references Transactional Analysis which is a simple, yet powerful way of understanding communication and relationships. It is of immense value to the workplace; improving self esteem and communication skills at the same time. Many people notice the improved 'tone' of staff meetings after delegates have attended this course.

This is a training designed to refresh and revitalise those in positions of management. Often the managers role can feel a little isolated and without respite. This Training shows how you can be an excellent role model (without pretending to be perfect). It also shows the importance of being an example, and why it is an intrinsic part of leadership.

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