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It is our sincere aim to lead Trainings that motivate, inspire and re-commission staff. We feel that if your teams are going to spend a day in Training - you want them to have fun, be engaged and inspired and be ready to take positive action when they leave.

Positive effect is an antidote to those dry, dusty trainings which feel like "death-by-PowerPoint". You know the ones... they leave your staff feeling drained and weary - the very opposite of what you want them to feel!

The world has many teachers who know their subjects, but not their audience. You might remember some of them from your schooldays?

We want to make a difference.

The following Trainings are offered in-house, cutting down your costs on travel, conference rooms, expenses, etc.
Each Training is for ONE full day. Maximum number of delegates = 25 (Ideal number = 10-20)

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If you would like to book a training or if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us

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