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Using Creativity for Active and Engaged Learning

Inspectors and Observers want to see lessons that are Creative, Social and Active. But they are often subjected to lessons that are creatively bankrupt - and they are not slow in awarding such lessons a failing grade!

Teaching is an art (not a science) and creativity is intrinsic to learning. Students are not empty buckets waiting to be filled with facts, instead they are meaning-makers. In a sense every child is born a philosopher ("Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green?" etc.) and what they learn will be what we lead them to discover, NOT what we show them. The best learning is Constructivist - the learning's are retained - and the student has more fun learning.

This training looks at:

  • how we learn
  • what Ofsted really want
  • what students really want; whether creativity is a luxury or a necessity
  • what creativity is
  • why the attitude of creativity is more important than one flash-in-the-pan exercise
  • how you can be a more creative teacher
  • tips for keeping learning lively etc.

This training shows how you can establish a learning climate through the attitude of creativity. There can be no excuse for dull, stale, tired lessons. Creative lessons come from creative teachers. It is not about flamboyance, surrealism or extrovert behaviour - in essence it is about flexibility and the facility to generate alternatives (including new ways of delivering previously tired lessons). This Training shows you how.

The benefits are enormous - and holistic: it leads to better listening; awareness of the importance of encouragement and praise - and often to more productive Staff meetings!

Summary: A really useful training that helps staff re-commission themselves as educators - reminding them of the joy and privilege of helping a learner develop.

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