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How to Achieve Grade One (with your session and your paperwork)

So much rests on good grades - and when the dust settles and the organization is reduced to a stark number, that number can drastically affect your fortunes (harming or helping as it will).

The pressure to do well is considerable, and paradoxically this, in itself, can lead to a staff under-performing on the day because they are too anxious and have anchored the word "inspection" to feeling bad. (Does the name Pavlov ring any bells?)

Observation can be a very static snapshot of a fluid and dynamic process - and what the inspectors don't see, they won't infer. If you didn't show it - they won't know it! Consequently there are things that your staff can do to maximize a more accurate (dare I say fairer) reading of their provision during the day.

This training is designed to assist staff to embrace the process with a confidence and a positive sense of themselves. This will be developed through familiarizing themselves with what exactly the inspectors will be looking for, together with techniques that help them to relate much more positively to the whole process.

The scope of the training includes:

The Lesson

What you can do to ensure learning is taking place.
Differentiation - How the best Teachers teach to each.
Qualitative or Quantitive feedback (the order is vital).
Mission and Medals (how to get better without being sick).
Enlisting the students self appraisal in Assessment (ownership).
The Collaborative nature of the Student/ Staff contract.
How to Challenge latecomers, without being aggressive.
The balance between entertaining and educating
Lesson plans - what needs to be there.
Scheme of Work - what needs to be there.
Rationale - what needs to be there.
Course File - Useful headings etc.

The Students

How to design lessons where students are Active and engaged.
The responses you wish to elicit. How to handle 'wrong' answers.
How to handle 'challenging behaviour' (a brief guide - this is actually a whole other Training day!)
Preparing the students for inspection

The Staff

How to relax when the 'Inspector calls'.
What are you telling yourself? - Is it helping or hindering?
The art of Anchoring to access your most resourceful states (NLP modelling).
What they see on the day - Is ALL that you are (in their report) - Set out your stall.
What to do if you make a mistake - or your students look at you blankly.
Making the Observation process your friend.
Helping each other (co-operation rather than competition).

Summary: This training is a valuable tool for maximising your chances of success during inspection - and hopefully for a good time after! A Great refresher!

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