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Advanced NLP

This training is only offered to graduates of our Using NLP to Enrich Teaching and Learning because it builds on concepts previously explored.

The aim of the training is to give delegates a greater awareness of themselves and others, and new sets of skills and understandings. It is intended that these new tools will be of huge practical import within the environment of the classroom, and within the organization as a whole.

Neuro Linguistic Programming refers to the mind, language and patterns - it is about how we think, feel and act. It is highly pragmatic, being concerned with what works. Many people waste hours on problem after problem, instead of dealing with the 'pattern' of the problems - thus neutralising the problem generator! NLP is about leverage - why waste energy - why misplace effort?

The most vital resource in any organization is always the quality of the people within it. This training is a real investment in those people.

The scope of the training includes:

  • Pressupositions of NLP - their value and use
  • Representations and reality - how and why we delete, distort and generalize
  • Maps of the world - filters and patterns
  • Mapping across submodalities - change work without content
  • Holons and Holarchies - parts, relationships and heirarchies
  • Using Focus of Attention - to solve problems and explore issues
  • The art of Reframing - content, context and time
  • Advanced Sensory Acuity - reading body language as a key to thoughts and emotions
  • The Graves Values Model - using spiral dynamics to understand how groups evolve through necessary and predictable patterns of growth

This training represents the very cutting edge of NLP - exploring as it does concepts like the Graves Values Model, and giving people the tools with which to enrich their experiences and the experiences of the people they work with.

Typically NLP training (by Master Practitioners) run into £1000's per delegate. This Advanced training is offered for as little as £30 a day per delegate! (calculation based on 25 delegates)

Note: This is a THREE DAY training, although the days do not need to be consecutive, and can be spaced out throughout the year. The discounts mentioned on the booking page apply here, and consequently this training is £450 cheaper than three separately booked training days would be!

Summary: A great training for anyone wanting positive and lasting enhancement. All great change comes from within. This training provides the tools and the concepts with which staff can take their NLP to an even more rewarding level. Expect visible differences and positive effects!

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