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Target Setting

This training explores the many benefits of target setting – both to the student and the staff. 

Like new years resolutions, so many targets fail to be achieved. This training shows exactly why this happens and offers new tools which maximize the likelyhood of achievement for any Target setter. 


It includes:

  • The use and purpose of targets
  • The limitations of the SMART target model
  • The importance of formulating the target in positive language
  • The vital dimension of 'personal ecology' to create congruence
  • Differentiated Target setting
  • Dual Assessment as a Target dialogue
  • Using the ‘Medal and Mission’ model to record achievements which inform new targets
  • The cyclical nature of targets and Target as habit

Summary: A very modern training utilizing the very latest self development technologies from fields like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling. It offers genuine insights into how Targets can be set, and utilized within a teaching and learning environment. 

The session is devised to be practical and supportive.

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