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Team Building (Trust Building)

When organizations seek 'Team-building' workshops, what they often need is

'Trust-building.' What they usually get are silly embarrassing tasks which disenfranchise and annoy (games which wrong-foot them, awkward role-play and puzzles which only make the staff feel stupid).

Team building and morale are too important to squander in this way. Any genuine Team building session would necessarily be a Trust-building session. It would explore the importance and practise of:

Straight Talk, Respect, Transparency, Righting wrongs, loyalty, Improvement, Reality, Expectation,

Accountability, Listening first, & Keeping commitments.

Dysfunctional teams are a serious problem in large organizations – and that problem is usually left unchecked. Many managers don’t know how to tackle it. This training reaches down into how we relate to one another and promotes a higher level of morale through our shared values. Without such agreement there will always be more conflicts, mis-communications, stress, politics, absenteeism and poor productivity.

This Training is designed to encourage:

Integrity - congruency, humility & courage
Intent - how we should act
Capability - competency, skills & knowledge
Results - which produce credibility

Summary: A highly useful Training which offers a template for good morale, easier communication and better relationships. What we do becomes who we are - and how we do things establishes the values and the culture of the organisation.

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